We Need a "Safe-for-Work Mode" on Android

Those extra-artistic photos on 500px might not be appropriate during the art scrum.

Google recently released Android for Work. They've done a great job with the UX in helping employees use their own devices for work, while keeping their personal/business apps and accounts separate. I really loved the idea when I heard it, and it gave me an another: "Why stop there?"

Android already has Kids mode though its restricted profiles which let apps know when children are using the device. The apps can then show only the content that is appropriate for children, and only certain apps are visible. The latter part we have at an enterprise level with Android for Work already. Why can't we have the content filtering for work as well? It could even act as another type of restricted profile for work or school if that would make it more cohesive and easier to implement.

There are times as a photographer and designer that I want to browse 500px.com or a Reddit reader app for inspiration. The apps have done their best to give me options to avoid content that is Not Safe for Work (NSFW), but these are always on/always off settings. So why can't Android detect that I'm at work and let these apps know? It could even work by detecting your employer's Wi-Fi, and let you define Safe for Work (SFW) connections that are and aren't work (like your in-law's house or university campus).

"But Oliver, how does Android know if something is NSFW?" Well I'm sure Google is capable of figuring it out from imagesógiven enough motivationóbut it doesn't make sense for them to handle it. Just like Kids mode, in this proposal I suggest that it's up to each app to decide what it should or shouldn't show, and have settings within each app to decide how strict it should be. This helps the user experience be a bit more tailored and less heavy-handed. How many times have I been listening to K-Pop on YouTube at work when things got.. sensual? Too many. That's how many.